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Safewalk Custom Titanium Underarm Crutches are for active, larger/bariatric and or long term crutch users. If you absolutely depend upon your crutches, these are the crutches for you.

Safewalk Custom Underarm Crutches have much larger and safer foot print (dual tipped, patent pending) stated by “Cripple Children’s Canada” to be the newest innovation in crutches in 20 years. The two tip design also eliminates the weak point where the side tubes and the bottom tube comes together on more traditional crutch designs.

The handholds and underarm supports are shaped from solid, marine grade, high density plastic and are virtually indestructible. The underarm supports have been carefully shaped to securely hold the crutch in place when walking while significantly reducing underarm chafe. Underarm and handhold padding can be easily added.

Safewalk Custom Titanium Underarm Crutches are made from titanium tubing, the “gold” standard in crutch material and are foam filled and double walled at the handholds and other high stress areas.

Available in Titanium or High Tensile Aluminum